Online controlled experiments

Online experiments (or A/B testing) are becoming very popular in several areas. Companies use A/B testing to incrementally improve their interface and customer experience (e.g., Google, Amazon, Facebook,; academics from different fields run research to advance knowledge about human behaviour; online advertisers run several version of an ad to see which one attracts more […]

Behavioural Economics and Science Podcasts

Here I maintain a list of several podcasts about behavioural economics, behavioural science, nudge, decision making and all around these topics. The list is not complete but feel free to suggest more at the bottom of the page. Enjoy listening. Podcasts on behavioural economics/ science And more podcasts Single Episodes on Behavioural Science Here I […]

BX2018 – Behavioural Exchange 2018 – Conference Videos Playlist

This playlist of videos, recently released by the behavioural economics team in the Australian Prime Minister’s department, covers almost the entire BX2018 event.  On the following playlist, videos are grouped by plenary sessions and then by the four journeys. You can see the index of the videos, speakers, and a description of the four journeys  […]

Zotero configuration

This little tutorial on Zotero and Zotero Add-ons, will show how I have set up Zotero to store files in a separate folder, the procedure to create entries from one or many PDF’s articles, retrieving information on the PDFs, and finally renaming original files. I wrote this guide mostly for myself (to remember the configuration […]